Caduceus with chakras
7th Chakra: crown or lotus with thousand petals. Location: fontanel. Association: super-consciousness, self-realisation, pineal gland. Colour: violet changing to pure white light.
6th Chakra: the third eye. Location: middle of the forehead above the eyes. Association: inner vision, clarity and intuition, pituitary gland and brain. Colour: indigo.
5th Chakra: throat. Location: larynx. Association: communication, expression, thyroid, parathyroid glands and voice. Colour: blue.
4th Chakra: heart. Location: middle of the chest. Association: love, compassion, surrender. Colour: green.
3rd Chakra: solar plexus. Association: power, achievement, pancreas, spleen. Colour: yellow.
2nd Chakra: Hara. Location: between navel and genitals. Association: creativity, sensuality and sexuality. Also feelings of joy, anger, fear etc. Colour: orange.
1st Chakra: root. Location: perineum. Association: grounding or connection to the earth, self-confidence, adrenals and digestive tract. Colour: red.


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