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Individual Therapy with Rob Bennett

I offer individual therapy sessions on a regular basis, weekly or once every two weeks in Berlin.
My practice is in Neukölln, very close to the Boddinstraße underground station, one stop south of Hermannplatz (U 8).

I charge between € 60 to € 80 per hour. A percentage of the costs may be covered by private health insurance or additional health insurance plans covering Heilpratiker fees.

The most important principle in my therapeutic work is the recognition of the unique individuality of every human being. Everyone has their own personal history, their own needs, goals and rhythms. I believe that each individual has the potential for self-healing. I see my role as facilitating the development of the innate self-healing capacities of my clients. This means that I do not try to influence or manipulate people in any way. Every person has their own path. I try to accompany my clients some of the way helping them, as far as possible, in their own time, to identify and reach their goals.

This is known as the mid-wife approach to therapy: assisting in a natural process with as little intervention as possible.

I offer an initial meeting free of charge to anyone who might be interested in working with me. This gives an opportunity to ask questions, learn something about each other and gain an impression as to whether we might be able to work productively together. To arrange an appointment please phone me on (030) 694 4762 or mail me.

My methods are many and varied, drawing from my training in various schools of body-orientated therapy, my personal therapy, supervision and my life experience (please read my biography).


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