Bushmen dance


For many years I have been interested in both the theory and practice of trance and its effects. In South Africa I learned much about trance states from Sangomas (traditional healers).


Sangoma throwing bones

A Sangoma throwing the bones in South Africa


I have practised Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and various forms of meditation for many years. The breathing techniques of Pranayama can induce trance states. The stilling of the mind and the sense of oneness achieved through meditation is, in essence, a form of trance. Singing of repetitive mantras, a form of meditation or trance induction, is found in many cultures.


Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra

symbolises balance between the female (Shakti) and the male (Shiva) principles -
the primordial unity.


Regular giving and receiving of massage has deepened my understanding of what trance is and how it can be induced.


Face Massage

Face massage
Photo by Tom Walroth © 2004

My involvement with the dance form Contact Improvisation has broadened my perception of trance and helped me to experience its diversity.


Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation by Edgar Jansen


I have spent time with Sufis and learned some of their dances including Dervish whirling. Sufis have a great tradition of trance inducing music, chants and dances.


whirling dervish

A whirling dervish


I go dancing very regularly and have developed the ability to fall rapidly into deep trance and dance for hours without tiring.


Rob in trance

Me in trance (or entranced!)
Photo by Stepanka © 2003


Fire pois

Swinging fire pois to trance-inducing music
Photo by Steve St. Schmidt © 2004