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My name is Rob Bennett.

I am a body therapist, trainer, counsellor and healer.

I live in Berlin, Germany where I am an accredited Heilpraktiker.



- Individual body therapy and massage sessions

- Counselling for couples

- Training in Intuitive Body Therapy

- Trance workshops, movement and therapy groups

- Individual and group supervision

- Coaching and supervision for teams and organisations

- Healing sessions

Thirty-five years of private practice as a body therapist in various countries, intensive personal therapy and a wide experience of yoga, meditation and shamanic principles, combine to give me a holistic understanding of human beings and their relationships.

I have studied psychology, philosophy, anthropology, anatomy, physiology and various alternative, body-orientated therapeutic methods. Music and dance inspire and offer me release, particularly singing. I love Contact Improvisation and Trance Dance.


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